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Hybrid heating systems

The industrialization of hybrid heating systems is feasible (furnaces with channel inductor or other modalities, acting in a coordinated manner with high-power thermal plasma integrated in the outlet trench). This solution combines a stable action on the material mass with a fine adjustment on the molten metal which will be immediately casted.

The presence of a plasma torch on the casting tap hole combined with other heating technologies allows to: Keep the metal in the casting unit at a temperature close to the working temperature, but always lower, with the consequent energy saving. And given that systems such as induction are not capable of ensuring the temperature in tap hole, subsequently it will be plasma which in a controlled and localized manner allows it to adjust and to ensure temperature control with maximum accuracy.

Remote control and monitoring system

  • 24h system monitoring
  • Greater security and reliability of the system
  • Remote assistance anywhere in the world
  • Controllable parameters through friendly user interface
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