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How does the plasma torch function?

The heating system of casting units based on high-power thermal plasma technology, consists of harnessing the plasma arc heat which is produced as a result of ionization of plasmagen gas between a graphite electrode (a cathode) and the metal coating, which is electrically connected to another electrode (called anode). The current passes through the gas ionizing it, with temperatures reaching over 10,000ºC in the arc core. The generation of plasma is obtained by triggering a potential difference between the two electrodes, so that there is a chain reaction that ionizes plasmagen gas creating plasma arc.

The heating of metal due to the plasma jet in the casting channel is done in three different ways: through the passage of electric arc current through the molten metal, through the radiation of plasma jet to the metal surface and, finally, by convection of the ionized gas that is used both to prime the arc as well as to pressurize the chamber. The control of the necessary conditions using the appropriate combination of pouring systems will provide the optimum energy performance in each situation.