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What is plasma?

When we talk about the aggregation states of matter, almost all think only in solids, liquids and gases. But these three states only represent approximately 1% of the total matter present in the universe, the rest is plasma.

Plasma is formed by the ionization of atoms, which upon breaking lose their cover of electrons, which move freely. Therefore, it is a group of particles that move without apparent order. Plasma is the state in which the most massive bodies of the Universe are present: stars.

Sun, in itself, is a gigantic plasma, filled with hydrogen and helium atoms that have partially or totally lost their electrons as a result of the very high temperatures that are generated in its interior.

The excellent performance of the operating characteristics of plasma, as a heat source that does not involve combustion, along with an unmatched respect for the environment, confirms that this technology offers us some good opportunities for its application in industrial processes.