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Development of key turnkey projects in plasma heating systems

More than 10 installations

We have more than 10 facilities around the world and as many orders currently in portfolio.

Our turnkey solutions

Process analysis
  • Metallurgical materials and characteristics
  • Thermal behaviour and work parameters study
  • Improvement potential:
    1. Energy savings
    2. Magnesium and alloys consumption
    3. Defective by cold molten metal
    4. Bar casting by cold molten metal
    5. Life of refractory of melting furnace
    6. Consumption of inoculants
    7. Reduction of slags
    8. Shot-blasting time
    9. Plate performance
Plant and production means analysis
  • Revision of plant Lay-Out and its flows
  • Space availability and integration possibilities, dimensional analysis (capabilities, tolerances…)
  • Preliminary analysis of displacement, vibrations, splashes…
  • Control devices, integration possibilities
  • Precise requirements for production
  • We have a team capable of assessing the potential of integration and application of the plasma system at our customers facilities, clearing all the doubts they may have.
Feasibility study

Based on the above points, we will be able to submit a preliminary assessment of the possibilities of plasma equipment at your facilities:

  • Technical prescription on the adequate equipment and expected energy analysis.
  • Improvement potential.
  • 3D drawings presenting the proposed solution integrated in to the facilities of their choice.

Which includes a full range of items which give ILT the possibility of providing a tailored and and turnkey service: consumables, refractories, metal fabrication, engineering, peripherals, etc.


We will maintain a qualified on the ground team able to supervise the customers installation works, ensuring that the integration process is managed with the highest possible efficiency.

Commissioning and training

Start-up of plasma equipment and installation adjustments to the demands of the customer’s process.

During the commissioning stage, we provide the necessary training at the customers site to ensure the correct use of the facility, providing the necessary expertise to operate the new plasma equipment.

Follow-up and after-sales service

ILT PLASMA, thanks to the support of its industrial partners, has the support provided by its global offices through its own network of branch offices and agents, this advantage allows us to be near to our customer for any later need that may arise.